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Make Your Medical Cover Count With Quality NEMT

Quality healthcare without fast, safe, and efficient transport means nothing. NEMT Services offers patients and providers safe, reliable, and timely transportation for non-urgent medical needs. 

Great Cost Savings With Zero Delays In NEMT Transportation

NEMT Transportation Research Board's analysis of 2015 stated that about 4 million people in the US miss their medical appointments due to transportation-related issues. NEMT Services is committed to offering consistent and efficient transportation access, which greatly contributes to the cost of acquiring medical care. 


Trained Professionals:

NEMT assistance from trained experts who understand the concept of patient safety while in transit.

Customized Patient Transportation:

Fully customized accessories and vehicle fleets to meet every patient's unique requirement.

Safe and Efficient:

Enjoy timely transportation to and from medical appointments geared towards quick recovery with low costs.

About us

NEMT Services Is Committed To Making Medical Care More Affordable And Easily Accessible

At NEMT Services, we value the well-being of the entire populace. That is why we have dedicated the best teams to ensuring medical appointments are never missed. We go beyond just transporting patients to and from their appointments and also offer facilities and accessories that taxis cannot provide. 

Our professional teams are specially equipped with stretchers and wheelchairs, among other medical aid equipment, to make patient transport more convenient. With a wide network of teams trained to handle patient transport needs, you can rest assured that we are directly contributing to your quick recovery. 

What Makes NEMT Services Stand Out?

At NEMT Services, the well-being of our clients is at the core of everything we do.

Trusted by Healthcare Service Providers:

Our non-emergency medical transportation services are trusted by health plans, government entities, and healthcare facilities.

Fully Customized Transportation:

We cater to the unique requirements of patients to allow convenient and comfortable transportation.

Trained and Qualified Drivers:

Our drivers and care assistants are professionally trained and qualified to assist patients in any care class.

Affordable Transportation:

We offer a more affordable mode of NEMT, geared towards reducing your overall medical care costs.

Transportation For All:

NEMT Services are ideal for different types of patients and facilities, including seniors, patients, disabled individuals, and more.

24/7 NEMT Service:

Our NEMT services are available 24 hours a day, around the clock. We can get you there on a weekend, in the morning or evening.

How NEMT Services Defines Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

How NEMT Services Defines Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Non-emergency medical transportation is the provision of transportation services through customized vehicles suited for patients that don’t require urgent medical attention. The service providers have fully equipped vehicles and equipment such as wheelchair lifts to assist patients in safe and convenient transit.

Non-emergency medical transportation is the provision of transportation services through customized vehicles suited for patients that don’t require urgent medical attention. The service providers have fully equipped vehicles and equipment such as wheelchair lifts to assist patients in safe and convenient transit.

In such cases, it’s best to secure the services of a dedicated non-emergency medical transportation service provider, such as NEMT Services. When you choose to work directly with a NEMT service provider, there will be no intermediaries or brokers who will end up making affordability more difficult.


NEMT Services deals with patients or their representatives, directly, eliminating the need for middlemen. This, in turn, allows us to provide a personalized transportation service to meet your unique needs. Additionally, you won’t incur extra costs that will only make your NEMT costs much higher.


We understand that not every patient has Medicaid coverage and therefore accept patient funding from departments of aging, local programs, and hospital systems, among others. 

Why Opt for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation?

NEMT Services Steers Quick Health Improvement

The cost of healthcare keeps rising every day. This means that it’s important to get real value for every healthcare service you’re paying for. But getting to a healthcare facility is another great challenge that patients face. If the patient keeps missing their appointments due to a lack of a proper means of transport, their recovery progress can be adversely affected.


Non-emergency medical transportation comes in to assist patients with movement difficulties to easily access a healthcare facility as scheduled. It’s a great solution for those without an immediate need for medical attention. NEMT Services has years of experience offering NEMT and identifies the following benefits of non-emergency medical transportation.
Convenience and Accessibility:
People with regular medical attention needs often require transportation to visit their medical facilities. This requirement can be even more challenging for those living with mobility issues. By using non-emergency medical transportation, these people can conveniently access medical attention.
Better Personal Safety:

Non-emergency medical transportation providers such as NEMT Services offer fully equipped vehicles to improve the safety of patients. For your information, most of the non-emergency medical transportation practitioners have served as ambulance drivers and nurses before. In the case of NEMT Services, our professionals have the most recent certifications to offer assistance during transportation. This gives you a guarantee of safety when in transit during and after your medical appointment.

Personal independence:

NEMT Services eliminates the need to rely on friends and family to offer assistance during transportation. This way, patients can call the NEMT practitioners themselves and arrange their own transportation. In some situations, patients can share their schedules with NEMT professionals so that transport vehicles can be available at their doorstep before an appointment.

Are you a Medicaid Beneficiary? Here’s What to Know About NEMT

Since the onset of the Medicaid program, non-emergency medical transportation has been a core benefit. But because of the flexibility of the program, the perks of NEMT can vary from one state to another. Pre-authorization agreements vary.

Most states require preauthorization of transportation service coverage before patients can benefit from NEMT. Some states may require preauthorization by a physician before a patient can receive benefits. Others may require medical facilities to make a phone call to request transportation during a patient’s appointment.

In some states, non-emergency medication transportation for patients covered by Medicaid is only offered for certain ailments, such as opioid treatment. Such circumstances are offered to encourage patient adherence to the treatment program.

Generally, many other limiting factors apply to the Medicaid program when it comes to NEMT. These limitations can cause inconvenience and discourage some patients just by the thought of the hassle they will go through to get transportation.

That is why seeking assistance from a non-emergency medical transportation service provider like NEMT Services is a better option. With professional assistance from NEMT Services, there will be zero conditions when it comes to accessing transportation. We have one of the most convenient transportation programs to ensure patients find it easier to get medical care.

Patient’s inner peace of mind:

For those patients suffering from impairments, transportation can turn out to cause them great anxiety. Since public vehicles are not customized to support patients who need NEMT, it can cause distress. But custom NEMT vehicles are properly customized to make movement easier and more comfortable for patients. 


Great Affordability

Most importantly, cutting down the cost of accessing healthcare facilities is very necessary. When patients are set to visit healthcare facilities regularly for a prolonged period, the total cost of getting healthcare services can turn out to be very expensive. NEMT Services offers more affordable transportation packages according to the vehicle in use. And the total cost is way more affordable than an ambulance.
With NEMT Services by your side, you can experience a great difference in your health improvement since most of the stresses will have been erased. Let us help you gain access to healthcare affordably, conveniently, and safely. 


Get Top Quality NEMT With Empathy

NEMT Services comprises highly trained professionals with a record of practice and valid certifications to offer non-emergency medical transportation services. Our professionals have been trained as nurses and drivers and therefore understand each aspect of providing transportation assistance with empathy.

We also pride ourselves on having a fleet of ambulettes equipped with the necessary features to assist those with mobility challenges. Whatever your movement requirements are, rest assured that we can meet them. Plus, our services come with zero limitations, often associated with programs such as Medicaid. This means you will get high-quality, safe, reliable, and affordable NEMT services any time you need them.

Start your journey to a quick recovery and stable health with our non-emergency medical transportation services today.

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